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COMANEX designs fluid distribution systems approved by Classification Societies according to last rules in force. Our panels are safe, reliable, easy to operate and to maintain.

Chamber panels control the pressurization, decompression, O2 add-up, LSS regulation, BIBS and gas management. COMANEX consoles are light and explicit using remotely operated control valves to reduce the number of pressurized lines.

COMANEX designs and manufactures a large range of analysis and monitoring instruments, a full range of sensors. Instrumentation racks are tailor-made:

• Gas panels
• Safe piston unions
• Electrical cabinets
• Analysers: loose or outfitted in complete racks
• O2 injection systems
• Monitoring: sensors and readouts c/w alarms
• Diver’s and survey cameras
• Communication sets
Control Panels, Consoles, Cabinets
COMANEX designs and manufactures Consoles, Cabinets and Racks to control and monitor the operations of diving systems. Thanks to COMEX operating expertise, COMANEX designs are easy to understand, ensuring maximum safety while operating.Gas Panels:• Saturation gas management panels•...
Piston Unions
Piston Unions are manual quick connectors with interlock for breathing gases.• Working pressure: 250 bar• Quick coupling• Auto venting device• Tools prohibitedULTRA SAFE UTILISATION:• Manually operated only: the need for a tool indicates the line is still under...
Analysis and Monitoring Racks
COMANEX manufactures and supplies a large range of analysis and monitoring instruments including a full range of associated sensors.Instrumentation racks are realised upon customer’s specifi cations.Racks can feature analysis instruments, as well as any kind of monitoring, controllers or...
Portable O2 Monitor
2 types of portable O2 Analyzer are available: the O2% Monitor and the hyperbaric O2 MonitorPortable O2 monitor:• Used to display the oxygen percentage in a gas sample• Sample flow through adaptor (optional)Hyperbaric O2 Monitor:• Oxygen partial pressure monitor to be used in...
O2 Analyzers
2 types of O2 analyzers are available: O2 Analyzer in % and O2 analyzer in ppO2Specifications• Sensor: electro-chemical• Sensor expected life: 12 months• Range: 0 to 100% oxygen - 0 to 2 bar oxygen• Accuracy: +/-1% of full scale• Operating temperature:12 to 57°C•...
O2 Injection Module
Oxygen concentration is displayed, through the hyperbaric sensor, on the controller. The required oxygen level is set from the front panel.If the oxygen concentration detected by the sensor is below the control set point value, the controller will operate the O2 make-up solenoïd valve.After...
Paramagnetic O2 Analyzer
The Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyser is a panel mounted unit, complete with display, sensor, flowmeter, on/off and mute push buttons. This unit uses a high stability sensor based on the Faraday principle of paramagnetism. This form of sensing provides advantages over conventional “fuel...
CO2 Analyzer
The CO2 Analyser is a self-contained modular unit housed in a custom 3U x 1/2 rack with case, that can also be panel mounted.The unit uses a high stability dual wavelength infra-red sensor. It features a flowmeter with an adjustment valve. The display module has both high and low user...
CO Analyzer
The CO analyser is a panel mounted unit, complete with display, sensor, on/off and mute push buttons.The display has high and low set points with audio visual alarm and mute circuit.Day to day calibration is carried out from the front panel. All the calibration and alarm parameters are retained...
Camera CYCLOP 2014
This diver held TV camera enables the surface to control at any time the dive as it is seen by the diver and to:- give technical instructions and assistance to the diver for more efficient work,- improve communication between diver and surface as well as diver's safety,- save the use of more...
Portable Comm's Set
This unit is a 2-channel simplex diver communication set. It is designed to operate with a 2-wire connection to the diver’s helmet, where the microphone and earphones are connected in parallel. The tender can use either a headset with boom microphone or the built-in speaker/microphone to...
Chamber Communication Set
The COMANEX two-channel chamber communication set is a simplex communication set for use with twin lock chambers. The system consists of a master station fi tted outside the chamber and a speaker/microphone fi tted in each lock. The units are interconnected with two-core cable that passes...