OEM of deep diving systems France


Created as a subsidiary of COMEX, COMANEX warrants the full design files of COMEX and its licensees.

Specialized at the very beginning in maintenance of deep diving systems, periodical surveys, upgrading modifications and supply of spare parts, when COMEX withdrew from the operational diving business in 1992, COMANEX became more and more involved in the manufacturing of equipment and sub-systems.

In compliance with the latest international standards and recommendations, COMANEX designs solutions for every field involved in diving systems.

COMANEX solutions are safe, reliable, easy to operate and to maintain, reflection of the COMEX legacy.

Today, COMANEX continues to design and manufacture products to maintain or upgrade any existing systems, as well as to propose a full range of new equipment integrating the most recent technologies.

It is our pride to continue COMEX know-how on Saturation Diving.


COMEX was created in 1962 and soon became the uncontested world leader in industrial Deep Diving development.

In the early Seventies, as a consequence of its very strong expansion, COMEX was organized as a group of companies.

COMEX INDUSTRIES was in charge of the development, design and manufacturing of deep diving equipment:
Diving Systems
Manned Submersibles
Hyperbaric centres

By the end of the Seventies, taking advantage of the experience and feed-back of its sister company COMEX SERVICES worldwide offshore diving activities, COMEX INDUSTRIES became a performing company with innovative design and manufacturing organisation and means enabling to reach the top.

In 1978, COMEX INDUSTRIES After Sales Department was created in order to take in charge:
Instructions and maintenance manual writing, guaranty management, spare parts supply and on site servicing and maintenance workforce.

In 1983, the activities of COMEX INDUSTRIES were moved to ACB (Atelier et Chantiers de Bretagne), an ALSTHOM Group company, where the team went on promoting and manufacturing new diving systems using the technology developed by COMEX, as well as servicing and maintaining existing systems worldwide.

In 1993, the demand for new diving systems vanished. COMANEX was created by the After Sales Management team to keep on providing maintenance of COMEX design diving systems sold and operated worldwide. Since then, COMANEX has created its own range of products, encompassing more than 30 years of experience and fit to satisfy the needs of renewal and up-dating of the diving equipment still in operation.

With the benefit of COMEX INDUSTRIES technical archives, COMANEX supplies its Clients with genuine original parts or up-dated components. COMANEX modernizes the technical solutions and create innovative solutions using its own means or those of the COMEX Group.

COMEX Track Record

100 Saturation and Diving Systems designed and built by COMEX:
  - 40 systems installed on external client’s vessels
  - 60 systems for COMEX own use between 1961 and 1992

23 Submarines and Observation Bells

8 Onshore Hyperbaric Centres for Deep Diving and Simulation

83 Hyperbaric Hospitals and Therapeutic Chambers

COMANEX Customers

Acergy, Adria Industries Ltd, Advanced Marine Pte Ltd, Aeroflex Logistique, Alamo Equipement & Tractor Co Inc, Ameris France, Amron International, Argentine Navy, Bessac, Bibby Line, Brazilian Navy Ministry, Brightday Int'l, Building Construction Company #6, CHU d'Angers, CHU de Brest, CHU de La Guadeloupe, CHU du Havre, CHRU de Lille, CHU de Polynésie Française, CHU de Reims, CHU de Strasbourg, Cal Dive International, CCC Underwater Engineering, CEA Saclay, Centro de Buceo de la Armada, China Ocean Engineering Services Shanghai Co, Clinique Saint Pierre, CMC Industries, CMSI, CNS, Cochin Shipyard Ltd, Codero, Combitrade, COMEX, Condux - Protexa, Cosalt Kenmore, Cotemar Sa de Cv, C-Technics Ltd, CX Nucléaire, Cybernétix, Dalgic, DCN Brest, De Zeeman, Desautel, Divers Supply Inc, Divex, Dolphin Offshore Ltd, Dräger, Drass, ENAP, Emirate Of Abu Dhabi, Escuela De Buceo de La Armada, Essar Ltd, ETPM Deepsea Limited, Fargier Associés, Forove Sl, Fugro - Tsm, Gal Offshore Services Ltd, Ganesh Anhydride Ltd, Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd, Geb Services, General Supply, Geological, Global Industries, Goteborg Dykeriteknik Ab, Gotech, H.I.A. Val-de-Grâce, Hal Offshore Ltd, Hallin Marine Singapore Ltd, Harkand ISS Ltd, Haux Life Support Gmbh, Helix Well Ops Ltd, HIA Le Gouest, Hôpital Pasteur, Hôpital Privé Clairval, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Hospices Cantonaux Vaudois, Hospices Civils de Lyon, Houlder Offshore, Hugo Zanelli & Company, Hydrokarst, Hydrospace, Hytech, Imxport Services Llc, Indian Navy, INPP, Iremis Limited, JFD Limited, JP Alcaraz, Kaspianlab Ltd, Kreuz Subsea Technologies Pte Ltd, Leong Siew Weng Engineering Pte Ltd, Lexmar Sat Systems Pte Ltd, Man Ferrostaal Industrieanlagen Gmbh, Mantenimiento Marino de Mexico, Marine Engineering Diving Services, Marine Industrial Supplies, Marine Logistics S.A., Marine Nationale Française, Marsat Servicios Submarinos Ltda, Matisec, Mazagon Dock Ltd, Mermaid Offshore Services Ltd, Ministère de la Défense Nationale Tunisienne, Navigare International Inc, Nobel Oil, Norwegian Universal Technology As, Num R.S, O'Can, Ocean Oil Construction & Services, Oceanografia Sa de C.V., Offshore Logistic Asia Pacific Pte, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, Orca Marine, Peerless, Perenco, Petrobaltic Oil & Gas Company, PFC Marine, Phenics Technologies, Polish Naval Academy, Polyclinique Urbain V, Polycrest A/S, Pommec, Protexa, Rana Diving Spa, Rauma Repola Offshore, Regency Trading, Rio Grande Supply Company, Rockwater, Romanian Navy, Rovsco Inc, Seatec Underwater Systems, Spanish Navy, Socar, STS Chile, Saipem, Santpoort Bv, Sat Systems, Saue Divocean, SBM Offshore, Scadem, Sea & Land Technologies Pte Ltd, Sealion Shipping Ltd, Seamec Limited, Searchwise Ltd, Seaswift Subsea Engineering Llc, Service Soutien de la Flotte de Toulon, Servicios Maritimos De Campeche S.A. de C.V., The Shipping Corporation Of India Ltd, Sicli, SIM, Smit Fleet Services Ltd, SMP Ltd, SOS Médical Réunion, Sources Workshop Equipment, Southern Oceanic, Specialist Marine Services, Stapem International, Star Offshore, Stena, Str Shipping And Trading Sp, Subsea 7, Subtec / Global Industries Midle East, Sudecasa, Sudoimport, Sumergia, Swedish Navy, Talleres Buigues, Talleres Paredes, Tech Plus, Tech Sub Industrie, Technic Plongée Pro, Technika Podwodna Sp, Technip UK Ltd, Tri Element Technologies Pte Ltd, Trim Systems Pte Ltd, Tunisian Navy, Ulis, Unique System Fze, Utilnavorep, Vigneshwar Aero Marine, V Ships Ltd, Wartsila Cis

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