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Manufacture of diving system and chamber accessories France


In 40 years, COMEX and its licensees have manufactured about 100 saturation systems using the most sophisticated solutions to the simplest and robust ones :

• 60 systems for COMEX own use between 1961 and 1992
• 40 systems installed on external client’s vessels

Supported by all this experience, COMANEX can design and manufacture complete diving systems from modular and transportable diving spread to built-in DSV systems.

Decompression Chambers
COMANEX designs and manufactures Decompression Chambers of all sizes and capacities. Living chambers may be single or twin-lock. Wet chambers may be vertical or horizontal. The standard rating is 300 msw, but all depth ratings may be requested. DDC equipment produced by COMANEX: • Clamps...
Diving Bells
Our standard is 6.0 m3 , designed for 3 divers, rated 300 msw (internal and external), bottom-mated. Other designs, such as side-mated bells, other pressure rating, may be manufactured upon request. Bell equipment produced by COMANEX:• Gas management panels• Bell heaters• DIV 38...
Air Chambers
Our standard is 6.0 m3, designed for 3 divers, rated 300 msw (internal and external), bottom-mated. Other designs, such as side-mated bells, other pressure rating, may be manufactured upon request. Bell equipment produced by COMANEX: • Gas management panels • Bell heaters • DIV...
SDC/DDC Trunk Motorizable Clamps
We design and manufacture clamps for SDC/DDC Trunks and Equipment Locks up to 45 bar.The standard diameters are Ø 600, 700 and 800 mm, manual or assisted.
Chamber Medical & Equipment Locks
We design and manufacture Medical Locks for Air Chambers and Decompression Chambers up to 45 bar. The standard diameters are Ø 220 mm, Ø 250 mm, Ø 400 mm and Ø 600 mm. Other diameters available upon request.Medical locks are proposed complete with interlock system and...
Diving Bell Medical Locks
Regulations in force require that the bells feature a Medical Lock.The design can be adapted to any existing flange.Medical locks are supplied complete with interlock system and test pressure certificate.
Active Interlock Device for clamps
This equipment is specially designed: To prevent the opening of one clamp when the trunk is still under pressure. To prevent the pressurization of the trunk till the interlock is positioned and tight. Working Pressure: Up to 45 Bar  
Active Interlock Device for doors
This equipment is specially designed for Equipment lock and Medical lock to: Prevent the opening of one pressure vessel under pressure. Prevent the pressurization of one pressure vessel till the interlock is positioned and tight  
Waste Circuit Interlock Device
To prevent the interconnection of the chamber with the waste water circuitry, the interlock is composed of two systems: One system inside the chamber which prevents utilization of the toilet until the exhaust valve is closed. One system outside the chamber which allows expulsion of...
Dia 220mm Conical Viewports
The complete assembly is made of:• Tronconic altuglass with gasket• Frame gasket• FramesWhen fitted, all the viewports wear on their bodya full description indicating the working pressure30 bar or 45 bar and the certificate number.Working pressure to be mentioned with...
Bell Ballast Release System Bushings
The ballast release system is designed to comply with DNV rules according to buoyant ascent of the bell. The ballast is hold by 2 short flat bars and 2 long chains.Each bar and chain is connected to the bell by a release system that can be unlocked from inside the bell.The ballast is released in...
Manually operated - OPEN
COMEX standard guide line release system is made of blocks welded on the bell cage featuring bronze bushings.Two types of release system are available: Manually operated Hydraulically operated from inside the bell.  The hydraulic release systems are grouped on the remote control panel...