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Diving Bells

Our standard is 6.0 m3 , designed for 3 divers, rated 300 msw (internal and external), bottom-mated. Other designs, such as side-mated bells, other pressure rating, may be manufactured upon request.

Bell equipment produced by COMANEX:
• Gas management panels
• Bell heaters
• DIV 38 Shuttle valves
• Medical locks
• O2 add manifolds and interlocks
• Releasable sockets
• Ballast release systems
• Electrical distribution systems
• GL bushing release systems
• Emergency battery packs
• Umbilical release systems
• Flood lights
• Emergency respiratory units
• CO2 scrubbers
• Hyperbaric fire extinguishers

COMANEX also provides dedicated insulation kits and hyperbaric paints.