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Bell Lifting Wire Release Socket

COMEX standard releasable sockets are designed and approved for lifting cables from diameter 22mm to 42 mm.
It is operated from inside the diving bell using a spanner or a dedicated wheel.
The standard socket features a hooking piece (A) with an overall length of 532 mm and a hole for a cable diameter 36 mm. Depending on the vessel, the length can be different as well as the cable size.
When ordering, the following information shall be indicated:
• Name of the vessel
• Design load of diving system
• Lifting wire diameter
• Length of hooking piece



Standard releasable socket Ø 30 / 32

170 01623

Standard releasable socket Ø 36

170 01527

Standard repair kit (J)

141 02875

Standard hooking piece - length 532 - cable Ø 36 (A)

170 01679

Standard upper fl ange (B)

170 03288

Standard female fork (C)

170 03696

Standard shaft (D)

170 00359

Standard loosening screw (E)

170 00358

Standard loosening fork (F)

170 00357

Standard lower fl ange (G)

170 03694

Specific screw HM20 (H)

260 00598

Standard fastening plate (K)

170 02525