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Chamber Accessories

The Chamber Accessories are specifically designed for hyperbaric use in:

• Saturation Diving Systems
• Surface Diving Systems
• Medical Chambers
• Submarines
• Tunnelling (Air Pressure TBMs)

The Emergency Respiratory Unit (ERU), also known as the Lung Power Scrubber, may also be used in all situations where there may be a need to protect personnel from CO2 built-up.
BIBS 411 01026
This unit enables to inhale a breathing mixture which is different from the one constituting the ambient atmosphere. It has been specially designed to breath oxygen-rich mixtures used in hyperbaric oxygen therapy or by divers during chamber decompression. Description: The breathing set...
LB78 Dump Valve
The dump-valve enables exhaled gases to be expelled at an ambient pressure level lower than that of breathing. It is used specially for evacuating to the outside of an hyperbaric chamber the oxygen rich mixtures breathed during decompression or therapeutic treatment. This prevents oxygen...
Second Stage Dump Valve
The second stage enables the LB78 dump valve (421 00211) to be utilized down to 450 m. The action of the second stage limits the differential pressure through the LB 78 dump valve at 1 to 4 bar. The second stage dump valve is a compact, robust and simple piece of equipment made of brass. A...
ERU 413 03309
The ERU is a lung powered scrubber which ensures the scrubbing of the carbon dioxide contained in the gases breathed by personnel in a confi ned environment in the event of breakdown in the normal ventilation or regeneration system. This equipment has been specially designed to increase the...
Complete system 412 09797
This breathing set enables a patient to inhale a gas different from that constituting the atmosphere. It has been specially designed for the breathing of oxygen-rich mix used in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. • The breathing set features a silicon oral nasal mask fitted with an inflatable bag...
Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher
The hyperbaric foam fire extinguisher is an effective means of fighting fires at their outbreak in hyperbaric chambers without contaminating the atmosphere.Injection gas chosen by the user in order not to contaminate the chamber’s atmosphereA NEW HYPERBARIC FIRE EXTINGUISHER IS UNDER STUDY...