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Waste Circuit Interlock Device

To prevent the interconnection of the chamber with the waste water circuitry, the interlock is composed of two systems:

• One system inside the chamber which prevents utilization of the toilet until the exhaust valve is closed.

• One system outside the chamber which allows expulsion of the content of the waste water tank only when the connection to the chamber is closed.

The system shall aslo features skin valves that are not represented on the drawings.
 Expansion Tank (1)  170 04100
 3-way Valve (2)  190 04102
 Shut-off Valve (3)  190 09228
 Bowl Cover Interlock (4)  170 04099
 Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl (5)  120 04872
 Toilet Bowl Foldable Ring (6)  140 00466

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