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Diving Bell Insulation

Insulation and buoyancy of the diving bell is made by tiling the hull with HPC blocks.
The mechanical resistance and the sealing of the HPC blocks are obtained by coating one fibreglass skin overall the blocks.
The HPC blocks are rigid micro-cellular closed cells plastic foam. The chemical composition is based on ultra-high molecular weight polyvinylchloride (PVC), reinforced with cross-linked aromatic polyamide which results in an extreme high compressive strength resistance to retain its buoyancy down to 1000 msw.



Diving bell insulation precut sheet: thickness 25 mm ( * )

220 00275

Glue and hardener kit ( ** )

230 02530

* Any other thickness and sheet dimensions on request
** Quantity of glue per square meter is depending upon climatic conditions (temperature and hygrometry)