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O2 Injection Module

Oxygen concentration is displayed, through the hyperbaric sensor, on the controller. The required oxygen level is set from the front panel.
If the oxygen concentration detected by the sensor is below the control set point value, the controller will operate the O2 make-up solenoïd valve.
After the injection period, the solenoïd valve will close for a period in the range 0 to 255 seconds, to allow for mixing. If the oxygen level is still below the control set point, the cycle repeats until the required oxygen concentration is reached.

• Sensor electro-chemical
• Range 0 to 2 bar oxygen
• Accuracy +/-1% of full scale
• Operating temperature 0 to 45°C
• Response time 90% in 12 seconds
• Relay output 8 A change-over relay module + solenoïd valve
• Power requirements 230 VAC (optional: other power on request)
• Front panel 130 x 106 mm / depth 170 mm

Note : the injection module can be used alone if there is no need of alarm.
If the application needs high and low alarms, the injection module is to be associated to a ppO2 analyser 100 04199 fitted with analog output.



O2 injection module c/w front panel & switches

100 04196

Hyperbaric O2 sensor

100 04209

EV 100 Oxygen solenoïd valve 24 VDC

132 00186

O2 ppO2 analyser c/w front panel & switches

100 04199


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