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SDC/DDC Heater

The SDC/DDC heater is designed for two purposes:

• Diving bell: supplied with hot water, the unit is able to maintain the temperature in bells up to 6 m3.
• Decompression chambers: the unit may be supplied with hot or chilled water depending on external conditions.

It may be used as an additional or emergency heater.
- Overall height (without supports): 624 mm
- Overall diameter: 218 mm
- Weight: 14 kg
- Input power: 24 VDC - 500 mA
- Power consumption: 12 W
- Gas flow at one atmosphere: 300 m3/h
- Maximum working pressure: 300 msw
Electronic protection against reverse polarity, locked rotor and overloading (inherently safe).



Bell heater assembly

070 00923

Electric fan (inherently safe)

070 07528

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