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COMEX Regeneration Unit - CxRU

The CxRU is made to regenerate the atmosphere of decompression chamber up to 45 bar.
This system, which can be delivered complete in container, ensures CO2 scrubbing, maintains the desired degree of humidity and regulates the temperature as well as heating the water for the sanitary installation.
Gas circuit:
The CO2 scrubbing is obtained by means of one 30 litre soda-lime filter.
The hygrometry is reduced by means of 2 silica gel auto regenerating 65 litre filters.
The temperature is controlled by means of 9 kW heater elements.
Water circuit:
Two 65 litre tanks (each) of cold and hot water supply the shower and the washbasin of the chamber. The system features one control panel that also regulates the pressure of the water sent to the chamber. The reservoirs are
galvanised and piping is epoxy paint.