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Pump Sanitary System - PSS

The system supplies decompression chambers with fresh water at desired temperature. The water is pressurized by pumps, avoiding pressurized storage tanks. The desired temperature is set by the LST from the remote control panel situated in the saturation control van. The divers operate the valves inside the chambers starting/stopping automatically the system.
The sanitary system is composed of 5 main parts:
  • 1 mixing manifold where cold and hot water are mixed before pressurization,
  • 2 pumps: one main and one secondary to pressurize the system,
  • 1 delivery manifold where the pressurized mixed water is delivered to the chambers,
  • 1 electrical cabinet,
  • 1 remote control panel to be installed in the saturation control van.

Painted square beam structure:
Overall length : 750 mm
Overall width  : 700 mm
Overall height : 1225 mm
Weight           : 450 kg
The manifolds are made in Stainless Steel.