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Oil Fired Sea Water Heater

The oil burner heats a closed fresh water primary circuit that heats the sea water through an exchanger.
Downstream the exchanger, the delivery temperature is regulated by a 3-way valve mixing the hot and the cold water for a better stability.
The water is then circulated to the bottom through a booster pump specially designed to handle hot sea water.
The unit features three levels of regulation:
• The 2-speed burner is regulated using sensors installed on the oil-fired heater.
• The primary circuit features its own regulating valve and dedicated regulator.
• The sea water secondary system is regulated by a mixing valve either thermostatic or electronic.
One remote control panel featuring control lights and temperature read-out also allows to adjust the delivery temperature from the dive control.
The Oil Fired Sea Water Heaters are standardised with a heating capacity of 190 kW. Pressure and flow are 45 bar and 45 l/min.

Other capacities may be available upon request.



Oil fired SWH, 190 kW

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