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Hot and Chilled Water Generator - HCP

Twin hot and chilled water generator, each system independent, one for normal use, one for emergency.
Hot water production: 6 to 30 kW
Chilled water: 4 to 24 kW
Tailor made units, specially designed as diving system integrated modules.
Confi guration:
• One hot & chilled water production unit is made of two different modules which are installed on the same frame.
• For space saving, the same frame can accommodate a twin unit which incorporates two chilled water production units and two hot water production units.
• On saturation diving systems, the twin generators are provided with two different electric cabinets and two different electric supplies, one for normal use and one for emergency.
Hot water:
• The water is heated inside a tank of 200 l to 400 l by means of heating element regulated by two thermostats.
The fl ow is provided by one of the two centrifugal pumps.
Chilled water:
• The chilling is obtained by means of a direct expansion refrigeration unit connected to an evaporator. The flow of water inside the evaporator is provided by one of the two circulating pumps. The regulation is made by two
thermostats, water fl ow controller, freon reducer, etc...
• The units are controlled by a twin in-house electric cabinet.