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Integrabloc System

These modular elements include the main components of a gas panel: filters, regulators, dump valve, safety valves, non-return valves, valves, solenoid valves ... also input and output blocks, connection blocks that can receive pressure gauge, purge valves ...
The assembly of the components is designed on the basis of a square flange connection using four stainless steel bolts. The sealing between two elements is ensured by a cylinder comprising two O-rings called Diabolo.

Easiness of circuit design
Reduction of costs
Easiness of assembly and dismounting
Rapidity and easiness of maintainance and repair
No pipe work
Standardization, fiability and longevity

Associated products

RO48 Integrabloc HP Valve
• Brass body• Working pressure: 250 bar• Seat: PCTFE or copper for O2• Cleanliness: O2 cleaned
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