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Free Flow Oral-Nasal Breathing Set

This breathing set enables a patient to inhale a gas different from that constituting the atmosphere.
It has been specially designed for the breathing of oxygen-rich mix used in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

• The breathing set features a silicon oral nasal mask fitted with an inflatable bag and an exhaust valve.
• The O2 or the over-oxygenated mix is humidified with water squelching before entering the mask.
• The adjustable flowmeter enables to provide gas input according to everyone’s needs.
• The inflating bag enables to regulate the continuous oxygen flow and to perform mechanical respiratory ventilation on a patient showing breathing problems.
• Individual breathing equipment
• Fully rated for use with pure oxygen under pressure
• Gas supply relative pressure between 5 and 10 bar
• Maximum gas output: 20 l/min in ambient pressure
• Silicone oral nasal blue mask
• Transparent silicone bag
• Weight: 1.1 kg



Complete system with flowmeter and humidifier

412 09797

Oral-nasal breathing set with O2 bag (Neoprene 4,6L)


Oral-nasal breathing set with O2 bag (Silicone 3L)

412 10200


412 09802


412 09803

Crystal hose Ø6

210 09763

Oral-nasal mask for Free Flow Breathing Set

412 09760

Overpressure bag (Neoprene 4.6L)


Overpressure bag (Silicone 3L)

412 10199