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LB78 Dump Valve

The dump-valve enables exhaled gases to be expelled at an ambient pressure level lower than that of breathing. It is used specially for evacuating to the outside of an hyperbaric chamber the oxygen rich mixtures breathed during decompression or therapeutic treatment.
This prevents oxygen build-up in the atmosphere of the chamber, thus minimizing fire risks.
The LB 78 oxygen dump-valve features a circular housing made of chrome-plated arcap.
The overpressure created by the expiration operates a diaphragm which, in turn, opens a large diameter fully balanced exhaust valve.
A large gas flow is thus obtainable with a minimum driving overpressure.
It is equipped with a safety valve which prevents any dangerous pressure-drop in the breathing circuit, in the event of the main valve leaking.
• Fully rated for use with pure O2 under pressure
• Operating differential pressure: 0.1 to 5 bar
• Maximum instant flow rate: > 400 l/min
• Valve opening: 2 millibar overpressure
• Diaphragm and corrugated hose made of silicon
• Length of silicon corrugated hose: 800 mm
• Weight: 900 g
• Diameter: 120 mm
• Height: 63 mm



LB78 oxygen dump valve

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Spare kit for LB78 oxygen dump valve

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Corrugated hose

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