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Emergency Respiratory Unit - ERU

The ERU is a lung powered scrubber which ensures the scrubbing of the carbon dioxide contained in the gases breathed by personnel in a confi ned environment in the event of breakdown in the normal ventilation or regeneration system.
This equipment has been specially designed to increase the safety inside diving bells, decompression or saturation chambers, hyperbaric welding and undersea habitats, as well as observation and work submersibles.

This Emergency Respiratory Unit consists of a cylindrical canister containing the absorbent (generally soda lime) and fitted with the necessary grids and filters. An active charcoal cartridge retains pollution of biological origin.
The unit is equipped with a corrugated breathing hose and an oral-nasal mask fi tted with valves to ensure the correct circulation of the gas. It is delivered in an orange, splash proof, protective bag fi tted with a carrying strap.

• Individual breathing equipment
• Made of PVC and altuglass
• Contains: 1.5 litre of absorbent (not supplied)
• Silicone oral-nasal mask and corrugated hose
• Can be used up to 4 hours (with soda lime) if subject at rest, and indefinitely by periodically changing the absorbent.
• O-ring sealing
• Weight: 1.6 kg without absorbent
• Dimensions: length 55 cm, diameter 12 cm
• Transparent canister enabling the colour of the absorbent to be monitored



Emergency respiratory unit

413 03309

Active charcoal cartridge

413 04041

Oral-nasal mask

413 04042

Corrugated hose c/w fittings

413 08172

Protective bag

413 05423