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Second Stage Dump Valve

The second stage enables the LB78 dump valve (421 00211) to be utilized down to 450 m.
The action of the second stage limits the differential pressure through the LB 78 dump valve at 1 to 4 bar.
The second stage dump valve is a compact, robust and simple piece of equipment made of brass.
A double valve system enables the exhaust piping to be pressurized at the same time as the chamber and then to evacuate the breathing gases outside the chamber when the LB 78 dump valves are used.

• The second stage dump valve accommodates LB78 dump valves only. One second stage accommodates one to four LB78.
• Factory cleaned for hyperbaric oxygen utilization.
• Maintains the intermediate pressure at 1 to 4 bar below the chamber’s ambient pressure.
• Maximum working depth: 450 m.
• Made of stainless steel, brass and arcap.
• Main inlet and outlet fi ttings 1” male NPT
• No adjustment needed
• Weight: 1500 g
• Dimensions: 50 x 70 x 130 mm
• The second stage can be installed either inside or outside the chamber



450m second stage dump valve

422 01028

Maintenance kit

422 04767