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Paramagnetic O2 Analyzer

The Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyser is a panel mounted unit, complete with display, sensor, flowmeter, on/off and mute push buttons.
This unit uses a high stability sensor based on the Faraday principle of paramagnetism. This form of sensing provides advantages over conventional “fuel cell” sensing as it does not deteriorate over time and therefore periodic sensor replacement is not required.
The display has high and low set points with audio visual alarm and mute circuit.
Day to day calibration is carried out from the front panel. All the calibration and alarm parameters are retained in non volatile memory.

• Operating principle:  paramagnetic principle
• Range:  0 to 100% oxygen
• Accuracy:  0.2% of full scale
• Response time:  0.5 sec at 40 ml/min flow
• Sample flow:  20 to 60 ml/min
• Panel:  3U x 42F (1/2 rack) - 213 x 129 mm
• Relay output:  8 A change-over relay
• Options: analog/serial output
• Warranty: 12 months
• Power requirements: 220 VAC

Other powers available on request



Paramagnetic O2 analyser

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