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External Scrubbing Unit - ESU

The ESU meets the most recent standards in terms of Construction rules and Operational recommendations.
The ESU controls:
• Temperature
• Hygrometry
• CO2 content of living chambers
The gas is extracted from the chamber and regenerated inside the ESU.
The unit is divided into 4 compartments:
• Blower: To circulate the gas from chamber to ESU and return.
• Cooler: Supplied with chilled water, it reduces the gas temperature to the dew point.
The condensed water is evacuated by gravity through a penetrator.
• Heater: Supplied with hot water, it heats the gas after the cooler before it is sent back to the chamber.
• Soda Lime Baskets: Fitted with an easy operable door, the CO2 section features 3 baskets dedicated to
CO2 scrubbing with a compartment for active charcoal.
Two sensors measure the chamber atmosphere and the blowing temperature.
Overall length: 4000 mm
Shell: Ø 660/460 mm
Flange: Ø 800 mm
Weight: 1500 kg
Input power: 380/440 V
When associated with COMANEX ECU REGULATION RACK, the ESU is able to regulate, under steady
conditions, the temperature within ± 0.5°C and the relative humidity within ± 5%.



ESU 30 bar

300 10341

ESU 45 bar

300 10268