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DIV 38 Shuttle Valve

The Shuttle valve is designed to supply the breathing mixture to the divers in normal and emergency case.
In Normal use, the user outlet is supplied by the umbilical.
In case of accidental cut off of the supply coming from the surface, the shuttle valve swings automatically in safety position: the user outlet is then supplied by the reserve bottles.
A manual reset handle allow the divers to set the valve in safety position whatever the umbilical pressure

• Brass body
• Max. working pressure: 200 bar

Optional audible & visual alarm for DIV 38 (supplied from normal & emergency sources)



DIV 38 shuttle valve

132 00196

DIV 38 shuttle valve repair kit pos. 9 - 10 - 12 - 17 - 21 - 23 - 32

133 00887

DIV 38 Complete repair kit pos.4,9,10,12,15,17,21,23,25,26,31,32,33,38,39

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DIV 38 alarm system

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