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DIV 38 Alarm

COMEX diving bells feature a DIV 38 shuttle valve fitted on the breathing panel.
In case of lack of breathing gas coming from the umbilical, the shuttle valve automatically by-passes the umbilical and puts in use the gas coming from the onboard gas bottles.
To advise the divers that the breathing gas is coming from the emergency source, COMANEX has developped an alarm system consisting of a small electrical cabinet to fit in the diving bell and a micro detector to fit on the shuttle valve.
When the shuttle valve is on emergency position, a buzzer is ringing and a red light is activated.
The box is supplied from normal and emergency sources.



DIV 38 Shuttle valve

132 00196

DIV 38 Alarm system c/w detector, braket and panel

121 08942

Spare detector

100 00274

Support for detector

170 00219