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Chamber Communication Set

The COMANEX two-channel chamber communication set is a simplex communication set for use with twin lock chambers.
The system consists of a master station fi tted outside the chamber and a speaker/microphone fi tted in each lock. The units are interconnected with two-core cable that passes through the pressure boundary of the chamber.
The master unit is supplied with a fi st microphone fi tted with a press to talk switch. A channel selector switch allows the selection of main lock, entry lock or both. A headset with boom microphone and press to talk switch is available as an option.
Separate send and receive volume controls are fi tted.
A recording outlet allows the conversation with the chamber occupant to be recorded if required.
The master unit is powered from an internal 12 volt rechargeable battery, a separate charger is supplied ;
the charger can be left permanently connected to the battery. The battery then acts as a reserve power supply in the event of main failure.
Technical specifications
Weight: master unit: 1.5 kg
Slave: 250 g each
Charger: 600 g
Power supply: 12 VDC rechargeable battery
Charger: 230 VAC input - output voltage & current limited
Battery autonomy: about 24 hours (depending on talk time)
Audio output: 5 W intermittent
• Master unit: 190 x 150 mm
depth: 110 mm
(panel cut out: 151 x 121 mm)
• Slave speaker: 80 x 80 x 55 mm
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