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BIBS Oral-Nasal Set

This unit enables to inhale a breathing mixture which is different from the one constituting the ambient atmosphere. It has been specially designed to breath oxygen-rich mixtures used in hyperbaric oxygen therapy or by divers during
chamber decompression.

The breathing set consists of an oral-nasal mask equipped with a Tekstar regulator and an exhaust valve. The regulator balanced demand-valve can supply a large gas-flow for a minimum inhaling effort.

• Demand valve made of chrome-plated brass and stainless steel
• Fully rated for use with pure O2 under pressure
• Gas supply between 5 and 15 bar
• Opening threshold: 4 millibar depression
• Maximum gas flow: > 400 l/min for a 5 millibar depression
• Oral-nasal mask and diaphragm made of silicone rubber
• Weight: 470 g

• Remove all fi ttings and straps.
• Wash the oral nasal mask with soapy water.
• Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry.
• Periodically check the condition of the oral-nasal mask and its straps.
• Every year replace the exhaust valve (410 07195).
• Carry out demand-valve maintenance according to instruction



Oral-nasal breathing set

411 01026

Oral-Nasal Mask for BIBS

411 09809


410 09621

Exhaust fi tting

410 09625

Exhaust valve

410 07195

Demand valve support

411 09642

Demand valve

411 09824

HP BIBS hose L=1.5m

210 10506

Repair kit For Oral-Nasal Breathing Set

411 11027