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 Air chambers

COMANEX designs and manufactures Air Chambers with integrated control panels featuring gas, analysis, electricity and communications. Associated with COMANEX Surface Handling Systems and dedicated Gas Transfer Equipment, we also provide complete Air Diving Spread.

Our standard Air Chamber is a twin-lock chamber, Ø 1800 mm, 5 bar, fitted with 2 foldable bunks in the main lock and 2 foldable seats in the entrance lock. One containerised version is also available.


Air chamber equipment produced by COMANEX:

  • Viewports
  • Medical locks
  • COMEX BIBS and LB78 Dump valve
  • Chamber communications systems
  • Lightings

See Chamber Accessories

  • Penetrators
  • Gas management panels
  • Emergency respiratory unit
  • Hyperbaric fire extinguishers

Specific LSS equipment
on request

Armed Forces Air Chamber
Air Chamber Air chambers before Integration